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Search Tips

The ELITE Portal uses MySQL Full Text Search to power the search bars.

MySQL Full Text Search is very computationally and economically efficient. However, there are some limitations to consider when searching:

Ensure you check for spelling errors, pluralization or suffixes, and utilize terms that precisely match your intended search criteria.

  • One thing it doesn't understand very well is when we make spelling mistakes. Please ensure your spelling is correct.

  • MySQL Full Text Search does not perform “stemming” to identify the root of a word. You will have better results if, for example, you avoid pluralization or suffixes like -ing, so please search using words like “plexiform neurofibroma” instead of “plexiform neurofibromas” and avoid terms with suffixes.

  • MySQL Full Text Search ignores short terms that are not an exact match (4 or less characters) - so a term like “GWAS” will produce results but a short term inside of another word (e.g. “grow” inside “growing”) will not. Search for the exact match you want.

Please let us know if you experience issues with the search by going to the Contact Us - Forum and starting a new thread related to your issue. This will help us understand whether we should move to more costly search solutions (e.g. ElasticSearch), or whether the current search technology is sufficient for this database.

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